Custom Peptide Synthesis

Alphabiopharma was a manufacturing partner for research professionals and organizations who needed assistance with difficult or uniquely modified peptides. With strong research and production teams and perfect product quality assurance system insure we can provide the high quality service for Custom synthesis.
•Besides the product related to our catalog series, we also undertake service for other organic chemicals,new chemical entity,active pharmaceutical industry or pharmaceutical intermediate. Products are delivered with complete data including HPLC, Ms,IR,UV-Vis,TLC.
•Our tenet of custom synthesis:
Fair price
Meet or exceed the quality requirements
Delivery time is approximately 1 week for unpurified peptides and 2-3 weeks for purified peptides
Complete analytical data and report.
Perfect technical supportand after service
•All peptides are treated with complete confidentially.
Our superiority of peptide custom synthesis
•Our cost is much lower than other suppliers due to we  prepare the expensive stariting materials in house. 
•The various modifications of the peptides are done by experienced scientists. They are very famlily with organic synthesis and solid phase peptide synthesis .
•Alphabiopharma has most modern and sophisticated equipments for synthesis, purification, final polishing and complete characterization of the synthesized peptides under one roof. 
Synthetic Chemistry based on peptides
Bioactive peptides has generated a rich source of pharmacophores from which medicinal chemists are developing new useful therapeutic drugs. After binding to an enzyme, or a membrane receptor, peptide-based inhibitors,neuotransmitters, immunomodulators, and hormones influence cell-to-cell  communications and control a variety of vital functions such as metabolism, immune defense,digestion,respiration,sensitivity to pain, reproducation,and behavior.Peptidomemics have found wide application as biostable, bioavailable, and often protent surrogates of naturally occouring peptides.Alabiochem can meet your synthesis needs in the following areas:
•Peptides containing proline analogues
Proline analogues, Aziriding-2-carboxylic acids, Azetidine-2-carboxylic acids,Azaproline,  Pipecolic acids
•Asymmetric epoxide ring opening
•Asymmetric Aziridine ring opening
•Peptides containing substituted Cysteine
•Receptors and Devices
Crown ether peptides,Cyclodextrin peptides, Porphyin peptides,Tryptathionine peptides
•Peptides containing seleno amino acids
•Peptides Aromatic Heterocycles
•Peptide nucleic acid
O-linked alpha-GlaNAc, N-Linked beta-GlcNAc 
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